- Pre-surgical testing: Before we commit to any medical procedure, we run pre-surgical testing. With this test, we'll be able to check your vitals and overall health. Our pre-surgical testing method is fast and 100% accurate.

- Wound care: 
If you're wounded, you can visit our center and take care of your wounds. Our wound cleansing methods are very precise and safe. We apply the best medicines to ensure that your wound is properly taken care of. 

- Hernia procedures: 
Hernias can be painful, and can totally decrease the quality of your life. Ever since our founding, we've been dealing with countless hernia procedures. We already mastered the process, so you have nothing to fear or worry about. 

- Colon & rectal surgery: 
Since we've been doing colon and rectal surgeries for years, we're already aware of challenges, hurdles, and possible outcomes. Our center is well-equipped in handling this complicated procedure. 

- Gallbladder surgery: 
Gallbladder emergencies can be life-threatening. In these medical emergencies, you need a quick and unparalleled response. Our professionally licensed surgeons will help you deal with your gallbladder pain and dilemma. 

- Hemorrhoids removal: 
Just like a hernia, hemorrhoids can bring you a great deal of pain. Rather than spend thousands of dollars on less effective methods, South Shore Surgical will help you with a precise and reliable procedure. 

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